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Louis Paltnoi


"You did a fantastic job in what were some testing and time pressured conditions at times. The client said you were the nicest and best crew she had ever worked with."

Dominik Danielwewicz


"You put in above and beyond and were simply stella yesterday onset. The crew were brilliant and everything just worked"

Rich Colvill

Creative Director

"We really enjoyed your talent, energy, humour, passion and an amazing eye for detail. I felt you understood our vision so much it left our art direction flat. It was near perfect every shot mate! Massively Impressed!"

Gerard Butler


"My god it's beautiful. Great job. Footage is great. It's moving, inspiring, sweet, honest and fun... We wouldn't have got half as much footage from someone else. I've never seen anyone work as hard."

Alistair McAlley


"Wow this is beautiful footate. Absolutely stunning. Chris was very frank about how impressed he was with you, your work, how much he learned and how enjoyable you were to spend time with."

Abi Roberts


"I absolutely loved working on The Honeymoon with you. You're a fantastic DP with a great, calming eye (vital for comedy). I felt so free doing the takes just rolling wiht the comedy."

Adam Robertson


"I have to say I am really very happy with the film and it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I hope you're proud of it too because you played such an important role in making it happen. I can't thank you enough."

Brandon Kahn


"Just wanted to say that you were awesome. The client was suitably impressed... Plowing through the rough cut now. Looks great!"

George Hughes


"I appreciated your professionalism and ability to make it look great whilst also being aware of the time / location constraints. Footage looks great and has stitched together very well"

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