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Oli Cohen is a London based cinematographer. He's filmed all around the world on documentaries, narrative films and commercials, as well as on projects for NGOs, such as UNHCR and Save the Children. His documentary work has been broadcast on TV channels such as ARTE and the BBC and his narrative projects have been screened at festivals internationally. 


In 2021 Oli completed a master’s degree at the American Film Institute and was then welcomed into the BAFTA Newcomers Program supporting international rising stars. 

Oli is a member of the Documentary Cinematography Alliance, The Guild of Television Camera Professionals and the Society of Camera Operators. He’s also a keen photographer, hiker and skier. 


As well as creating engaging imagery Oli is equally keen to try and help the audience connect and empathise with the characters on the screen. He’s excited to collaborate with filmmakers who are equally passionate about telling compelling, moving stories.

Adam Robertson


Gerard Butler


Richard Colvill

Creative Director

"I have to say I am really very happy with the film and it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I hope you're proud of it too because you played such an important role in making it happen. I can't thank you enough."

"My god it's beautiful. Great job. Footage is great. It's moving, inspiring, sweet, honest and fun... We wouldn't have got half as much footage from someone else. I've never seen anyone work as hard."

"We really enjoyed your talent, energy, humour, passion and an amazing eye for detail. I felt you understood our vision so much it left our art direction flat. It was near perfect every shot mate! Massively Impressed!"

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